Research projects and grants

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  • Analysis of simple repetitive sequences within the context of neurodegenerative diseases
  • Interspecies comparative whole-genome analysis: human vs model organisms
  • Search for genetic background of ADHD
  • Purse for relation of particular alleles to allergic skin alterations
  • Identification of genetic sequences that do not undergo expression in living organisms but could possibly encode proteins


  • Ab initio simulation of the process of protein folding with intermediate structures
  • Protein folding in the presence of the ligand molecule
  • Active site localization recognition and characterization

Drug Design

  • Estimation of activity of flavonoid-binding proteins
  • Analysis of the signal flow in the immune system
  • Simulations of binding of the the liquid crystal ligand of Congo red
  • Influence of a supramolecular Congo red ligand on Ig activity
  • Liquid crystal ligand as a drug carrier in immunotargeting
  • Structure of amyloid aggregations

Computing Technologies

  • Large-scale computational experiments of protein folding and function recognition on the Grid
  • General purpose GPU computing for biomolecular simulations


  • EUChinaGRID [EU FP6] - in collaboration with the Dept. of Biology of the University of Rome 3 we perform folding simulations for the project Never born proteins on the pilot grid infrastructure
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